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Posted on Feb 15, 2016
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Hello again.

About 3 weeks have passed since my last blog but not much excitement to report. We have pottered around Sydney visiting old favourite haunts and spent as much time as possible with the family. Jack is back at Preschool, proper school does not start here til “rising 6” so for him that will be next February when he will be just 5. This year preschool is 3 days a week with quite a structured lesson plan so I think getting nearly as much progress as reception year in UK but it is not legally compulsory to be in school so although most children do do preschool with similar government assistance as Nursery funding in UK, there potentially are some that don’t enter the education system until age 5 to 6.

Below are photos from a trip to Luna Park below our apartment.

Not only have I been trying to get my head around the education system he but have been testing out the health system too and am very impressed! Unfortunately this foot I have nee morning on about since November has continued to plague me having seemed to improve, then get worse again. The foot itself is ok but the ankle joint very painful when having to bear my (activity lacking burgeoning) weight. With Paul and Moyra due imminently and NZ trek beckoning, I finally bit the bullet and rang a GP. Saw them that day, referred for X-rays walk in and Physio and Orthopaedic specialist should I wish. The Physio was next door to the X-ray clinic to went in to make an appointment. They could see me straight away. So within 3 hrs I had Drs appt an X Ray and a Physio session. The down side is, all these things were private with quite a hefty bill but 30% of Dr and scans can be claimed directly back from Medicare and most people carry private insurance to cover the rest and things such as Physio and alternative therapys with usually an annual cap on their policy. Also the public health system is free to all who can’t afford to contribute. Whilst I am a great supporter of the NHS, I cannot see how we can meet the needs of the nation without some fusion of services. Hospital and serious illness treatment should be free but maybe if there was a means tested charge to see a GP for instance, people would not waste their time with minor ailments but use pharmacists more.

Anyway, that’s my little rant and I know some will disagree! Meanwhile, results f X-ray showed damage to the tendon linking my tibia and fibia to be the main cause of my discomfort, so I have been strapped up again for a week with various excersises and 2 further Physio sessions. I am now feeling more optimistic about the New Zealand trek and have been taught how to strap it myself to give added support when walking but can remove the strapping for around the apartment. All a bit frustrating but hey ho.

Paul and Moyra arrived on Wednesday last week having had a wonderful trip to South Africa. They have soon settled back in Sydney life and went off with friends up to Lake Macquarie on Saturday, staying up there overnight.

We were looking after the children on Saturday morning for the auction of O and A’s house. It was all a bit tense as all prospective buyers seemed to have disappeared into the ether and we quite expected them to return home having not made the sale so were happy to hear that 2 bidders turned up and although one dropped out before it reached the reserve, they just about managed to achieve their bottom line price so it was a champagne supper down at theirs last night to celebrate!

Tomorrow is Eva’s 1st birthday and as I predicted in my last, she has been walking for about a week now. We will be going down there for a little celebration when Jack finishes school.

On Wednesday we are driving down to the Southern Highlands for 2 nights to do a couple of preparation walks for the NZ trip so hopefully my strapped foot will stand up to the test.

Otherwise, no more news from here. Let me have yours please?



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