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Posted on Mar 7, 2013
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Hi again all
Not much exciting news to report.  Since our road trip south, we have settled in to day to day Sydney living.  We have been hiring a car for most of the time which facilitates heading out of the city centre for some nice walks.  The weather has been fairly mixed since our return with a few cooler days which have made walking more comfortable (by cooler, I mean lower 20’s!). Also we have had a few days of heavy rain and unfortunately for Oli these always tend to fall at weekends which has rather limited our outings together.  However last Sunday was quite nice so we all went for lunch out at the cafe in the gardens of  Vaucluse House.  Last year when Mum was here they had a Jazz band on a Sunday lunch time but not this week sadly but a nice lunch anyway and Jack tucked in to whatever he was offered.  He certainly has the Snowden appetite, so although still small for his age, I have no,doubt he will catch up in time.
I babysat Jack on Tuesday night whilst the rest of the family went to a board meeting of Oli and Angies company.  He does not mind being left and waves Mummy and Daddy off quite happily.  I did tea, bath and bedtime.  The house is completely open plan, so if he is not disappearing up the stairs and standing precariously halfway up to attract your attention through the glass balustrade, he is emptying the kitchen drawers or the bookshelves, so fairly full on!  Still not quite walking although just beginning to stand without holding on to anything.  We leave here in just over 3 weeks, I think he will be walking in about 4!
Having resisted spending in the shops here since our arrival as with the dire exchange rate, everything seems so much more expensive, I this week became too bored of my one suitcase of clothes which have been worn since we arrived and took myself over to the city and had a little splurge and bought a couple of new tops.
Earlier in the week, we had a consultation with a visa specialist to see what we need to do to maintain our residency status which will run out if we leave Australia any time after Nov 2015.  At the rate we are going, we will not have fulfilled the requirement to have spent 2years out of 5 in Australia since the visa was issued in 2010.  It seems that if we argue mitigating circumstances why we have not fulfilled this requirement we may get the visa extended anyway but probably only for a year at a time so we either have to spend significantly more time here over the next couple of years or go back to just entering on a visitors visa and lose the option we currently have of residing here permanently.  A bit of a difficult decision as we had to pay quite a sum to get this visa but at the moment have no plans to live here permanently.  We have merely been trying to give ourselves an option for when the time comes that we feel unable to keep flitting backwards and forwards.  The visa specialist described us as classic “snowbirds” which seems to suit us very well!
Last night we went to the cinema to see Argo (very good) centred around the crisis in Iran after the overthrow of the Shah and during the occupation of the American embassy.  I remember the time as it was when Oliver was born and I had a home visiting Iranian midwife who was at that time very concerned for her family at home whom she had lost contact with during the unrest.
Lovely day today, so having just done my housework and worked up a sweat, we are off to find a beach somewhere and cool me down!  Hopefully weather there is improving and you will soon be casting off the thermals!
Love to you all. Diana X
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