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Posted on Feb 19, 2015
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No doubt you have all heard my most recent news by now, so I am going to start this blog in reverse order.
Our lovely Australian summer continues and last Sunday saw us meeting up with Oli, Angie, Jack and the Lennard family (Ali, Marty, Ceci and Frank) for a picnic under the bridge at Milsons Point.  The families had spent the morning in Luna Park and we sheltered from the sun and looked down on them having fun from our balcony.  We then spent a lazy afternoon with the children playing happily together before going our separate ways.  Jokes were made about how the Lennard family always seemed to trigger off Angie’s labour, as a Sunday lunch at theirs was a pre empt to Jack’s premature arrival.
It should therefore have been no great surprise when we had just turned out the lights at 11.15 that night when the summons came that Angie’s waters had broken and could we go and stay with Jack.  It was decided that I should stay over and Jeremy came home.  Needless to say, Jack was the only one that got a good nights sleep and Angie was undoubtedly the one who had to work the hardest but work she did and brought her surprise bundle into the world at 2.45am.  The biggest surprise is that we have another grand daughter.  Although I think I have mentioned A and O had decided they did not want to be told but all indications had suggested a boy was in production!  Consequently, no girl name was prepared and plenty of blue babygros were packed!
 Very wee at 5.5lbs and perfect in every way, baby now bears the name Eva Rose.  She arrived just under 3 weeks early so does not fall into a premature category so if all is well, she and Angie should be discharged tomorrow morning at approximately the same time as Angie’s dad touches down at Sydney airport.  He will be here for 3 weeks, so will no doubt be appointed chief cook and bottle washer but will also need to clear out of the way occasionally to allow family bonding time.
We have been looking after Jack this week and he has been a delight.  I think I had mentioned that in utero, he had named the baby “baby Colin”. We seem to have successfully got around that one by calling a teddy I knitted for Eva (wearing a blue jumper) Colin.  Jack seems happy with that and is suitably proud of his little sister.  Today he is at preschool giving us a day off, hence my opportunity to write this blog.
Otherwise, I think it will be a lazy day, J is down at O and A’s doing a few minor repair jobs whilst I catch up on neglected ones here.  That will be enough for today I think as in the words of my lovely late Yorkshire Nana we are both “fair jiggered”!
Other news is fairly sparse as we have not done much, not wanting to venture too far afield, in case we got “the call”!  We have had a couple of lovely walks from our walk book, 12k and 10k respectively and I had got back into my gym routine although  that has all gone to pot again this week!  Also am somewhat lapsing on my 5:2 and the evidence is showing so will have to get myself into slim mode again.  Why is it so hard?
I think that pretty much covers my news for now so will send an update in a week or so.  All news from home really looked forward to.  Hoping to get to see the Stephan Hawking movie this week so a review would be welcomed Jane Thomson!  Liked The Imitation Game but did not manage to see Mr Turner.
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