Looking out to Heads from Manly Spit Bridge Walk Looking out to Heads from Manly Spit Bridge Walk

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Posted on Apr 3, 2016
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Well here I am again!  Not an awful lot to report since my last long blog, so this one will be short and (hopefully) sweet!

I think about 3 weeks have passed since my last and Sydney weather has slipped over into Autumn which mostly correlates into equivalent of spectacular English summer with a couple of days heavy rain here and there.  I think we have had the best weather we have ever had this year with pretty much no rain until the aforementioned couple of days, which needless to say, coincided with the arrival of Kelly. (Angie’s Mam).

The week before Kelly’s arrival was devoted to getting O and A’s house “mother ready” with Angie spring cleaning like mad whilst Jeremy undid all her good works by drilling out the tiles of 2 old fire places in their living room, thus filling the house with dust as quickly as Angie could shift it!  Wiring jobs were also done to improve outside lighting and prepare for a new kitchen to be fitted at the end of this month.

My role in all the mayhem, was either child minding or sewing to provide curtains for what is currently the guest room but will become Jacks room and also a pair for the sitting room.

Angie tracked down a wonderful discount fabric shop, to the point where I am thinking of bringing some back to make loose covers for a chair at home, as one can purchase beautiful fabrics for £10 to £15 per metre!  A couple of trips with varying levels of bored toddlers saw us purchase striped cotton with black out backing for Jacks room and a lovely embroidered linen for the sitting room.  Loads of fabric needed as their very high ceilings mean a 2.8m drop for each!  There followed a couple of days, crawling around on my floor getting the cutting and pattern match sorted but they are now all done and hung and looking very good.  I borrowed a sewing machine from dress designer friend Ali and now find I definitely need a new sewing machine at home.  It handled the heavy fabrics so much better than mine!

Kelly duly arrived and as is usual after arriving from her stressed life back home, promptly went down with flu!  To add to her woes, she then got bitten by something and had a huge allergic reaction which eventually saw her spend a day in A and E having an antibiotic infusion as the bites got badly infected and oral antibiotics were failing to hit it.  Sadly this means that the first week and a half of her 3 week holiday has been spent fighting to keep going.  Thankfully now, she is back on form and enjoying herself with her final week to look forward to.

The children needless to say, are loving all the attention that 3 grandparents at close quarters brings and we are all loving it just as much.  Last weekend being Easter, Angie had invited Luke over as we have not seen him since Joseph left and he is counting down his time before heading off to join him in LA in May.  What a surprise when we opened the door to find Joseph on the doorstep too.  He had managed to get a sub load ticket with United to fly in for 4 days.  It was so lovely to see him and I think gave him a boost as re establishing himself in the States is not proving as straight forward as he had hoped but things now seem to be in the pipeline so good luck to him and Luke for the future.

We have slightly less than a month before we head back to UK so have booked to fly up to Northern Queensland for 5 days, leaving tomorrow.  We are staying in a guest house in Airlie Beach, the jump off point for the Whit Sunday Islands and have hired a 20ft day boat with outboard and Eski so that we can tour around under our own steam.  We are hoping for gentle conditions as it can get fairly windy and rough there which will be pretty uncomfortable in that sort of planing boat.  To use a boat that will travel at speeds greater than 10knots, you (sensibly) have to have a licence in Australia, so Jeremy spent one day last week doing his test.  Most people take a 3 day course and do the test at the end but as Jeremy has experience, he was able to download the course notes and bring himself up to speed on the few issues that are unique to Australia and also revise the international stuff.  He then did the theory test at the tutors office up on Middle Harbour before going out on the water for his practical.  Thankfully, it was a lovely day so he quite enjoyed himself and they went right out to the Heads at the harbour mouth and he wove around a couple of incoming cruise liners.

On Friday evening we took advantage of having Kelly to babysit and took O and A out to dinner in the city at a restaurant we had not tried before in the old GPO building in Martin Place it was very good and we ended with drinks in the Rotunda building which gradually rotates to give wonderful views over the city in every direction.  Last night we reciprocated with the babysitting so they could go out with Kelly.  No sooner had they left the house, with J driving them to the station than Eva woke.  She seems to find it impossible to self settle so has to be rocked to sleep and very carefully returned to her cot.  It took 3 attempts but she then settled and did not wake again before they got home so I hope they had a reasonable night as gorgeous as she is, sleeping well is not one of her virtues!

Well that’s pretty much my news, what’s yours?

Looking out to Heads from Manly Spit Bridge Walk

Looking out to Heads from Manly Spit Bridge Walk

Walking Manly to Spit Bridge

Walking Manly to Spit Bridge

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